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Oran Fire Protection District

YOU can help!

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YOU can help!
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How you can help

We are proud to be able to help you. We are not too proud however, to say that we need your help.

Currently we do not have the number of members on our department that we would like. If you would like to become a firefighter or engineer and are willing to make a commitment of time and energy, we would appreciate you considering us for membership.

Minimum requirements for the employment with the Oran Fire Protection District include a high school diploma or equivalent, residency within proximity of the Fire District, no felony convictions or convictions of crimes of moral turpitude, a good driving record and successful completion of a drug test.

While the Fire District is volunteer and their is no pay involved their are many benefits. Besides the obvious benefits such as contributing to the community and working in an exciting occupation the department does provide some tangible rewards.

Training is provided free of cost, this includes tuition, manuals and some expense costs for approved classes. Workmens compensation is provided by the department along with liability insurance. The department provides members with all necessary equipment to perform their job. Physicals are provided by the department every three years. The opportunity for career advancement - many members currently have a career in related fields that was assisted by participation with this department.

We currently provide two options when joining the Oran Fire Protection District operations team. You may join as a firefighter or as an engineer/apparatus driver.

A firefighter is required to complete over 200 hours of training within the first two years of membership. This includes state certification at the Firefighter 2 level. A firefighter may participate in all department emergency operations and may hold any rank within the department.

An engineer is required to complete 60 hours of training within the first year of membership. An engineer may participate in emergency operations as an engineer/driver only. An engineer would not enter hazardous environments or participate in interior firefighting. A member who completes engineer training only would not be eligible for any officer positions.

If you do not want to join the fire department their are many other ways that you can contribute.

We have many needs including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, vehicle repair and maintenance, welding, cleaning of equipment and trucks, data entry, computer work, record keeping and other tasks and duties.

If you are interested in helping our department in these areas please contact Jim Watkins at 262-2216 or e-mail the department at . Any help that you could provide would be appreciated.

Another way to help us improve is to provide us with feedback on the job we are doing. Let us know when we do a good job and you are happy with our service. But, also contact us and let us know when we could have done something better and have not provided the level of service that you expected. I can assure you that our entire department strives to provide the best service that we are capable of and we are open to suggestions for improvement.

Oran Fire Protection District
P.O. Box 297
Oran, MO 63771
Phone: (573)262-2216
Fax: (573)262-3795