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The members of the Oran Fire Protection District are trained to a high professional level. Over 75 percent of the members are certified by the State of Missouri as Professional Firefighters at the NFPA Firefighter 2 level.

We also have many members who exceed this level of training. Some members are certified as Fire Officer 1and 2, Instructor 1 and 2, Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator with the State of Missouri.

We have also had members complete training at the National Fire Academy in Emittsburg, Maryland. This was accomplished through a low cost program offered by the Federal Government. This is some of the most advanced firefighter training available in the United States.

Our members are also certified to operate at hazardous material incidents. We have some members who are certified as Hazardous Material Technicians. This allows even more aggressive actions when dealing with toxic substances.

All new members are required to complete an extensive amount of training which includes over 240 hours of training in the first year alone. We have hosted many classes provided by the University of Missouri in our community.

The Oran Fire Protection District has coordinated and presented three firefighter 2 classes and assisted in another in the last five years. These classes were presented to Oran F.P.D. members, and area departments.

These classes start in January and conclude in June. They meet once a week for four hours and on average every other weekend for one full day. Classes consists of both lecture and practical skills. Live burn evolutions are also completed towards the end of the curriculum. This provides valuable experience with real fires under controlled conditions.

The Oran Fire Department has provided public education classes to the Oran Public Schools, Guardian Angel Catholic School and Lori’s Little Rascals since 1990.

Oran has utilized Learn not to Burn materials from the National Fire Protection Association since 1990 for all grades K-6. These programs have been proven effective in reducing fires. The program also has improved the response and actions of children when an emergency does occur.

The schools and daycare have been supportive of these programs through additional instruction by their staff the entire school year.

Training and education are important aspects of any organization. The Oran Fire Protection District’s training program reflects this importance through the leadership role we have established in the area of firefighter training and education.

Following are some photographs of various training exercises conducted by our department in 2005.







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