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Insurance Services Organization (ISO)


Last year the Oran Fire Protection District saved you money!!!!!!

At first glance this statement may seem to be wrong. You might be thinking that if the fire department saved you money last year, you would remember the time, place and type of emergency. But, even if you do not call us for a house fire, car fire or any other type of emergency you still used and benefited from the operations of the Oran Fire Protection District.

This is true because every time you pay your insurance premium you are saving money compared to other Scott County tax payers. This is due to the excellent Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating that the Oran Fire Protection District (class 5) currently holds. At a class 5, you are paying less for insurance for the same level of protection than anyone in Scott County. Less than citizens of Sikeston (class 6), Chaffee (class 7), Benton (class 7), Scott City (class 7), Morley (class 8), Miner (class 7) or anywhere in Scott County. In fact the only department with a better rating in Southeast Missouri is the City of Cape Girardeau at a class 4.

This is an important point to remember since it proves that the Fire Department provides more than peace of mind for the average tax payer. The amount saved on insurance, often exceeds the amount of tax paid to the fire department, when compared to our old rating of a class 8. Their are not many taxes which can claim a direct impact in saving money for a taxpayer.

The value of your fire taxes are fairly high even before you consider the emergency services they make possible for our community. When you consider the dollar return and the services they provide, it is clear that your fire tax provides an exceptional value for you and our community.

In order to determine your savings just contact your insurance agent and ask what is the difference between your current policy of a class 5 and that of a class 8. It may be a good idea to call just to make sure you are credited with a class 5. My insurance company had me listed as a class 6 until I notified them that this was incorrect.

What is ISO?

Insurance services organization is the group responsible for grading fire departments on their ability to limit damage from fires. This is an independent group who comes in and evaluates a department in many different areas. The three basic areas account for the following percentage:

Fire Department 50%
Water Supply 40%
Communications 10%

These evaluations are very detailed and for the fire department they consider everything from specific items carried on fire trucks, number and type of trucks, number and placement of fire stations, training, number of members and many other areas. In water supply they evaluate the size of water mains, amount of water in storage, number, type, testing, and location of hydrants. For communications the number of dispatchers on duty, number of phone lines at dispatch, method of power backup, listing of department phone number and many other areas are looked at.

Oran Fire Protection District
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